Proud Mama

As you may already know, we started going to Mum and Baby playgroup last week.  And we’ve been six times so far.

I was so nervous about it, but the first day went well and I now actually look forward to going.  And so does Vinay.  He gets so excited when we arrive and he realises where we are!

He’s still a little unsure of himself and wants to be reassured that I’m by his side, but he’s getting more confident.

On Wednesday, after looking at books – he decided he wanted to mess around with the shape puzzles.  He was happy holding the pieces and banging them on the table (as usual).  I showed him what to do with them a couple of times and told him to try.  He tried a few times and when he (eventually) got it right, I praised him and clapped my hands.  The second time he got it right, I did the same.  The third and fourth times, he clapped for himself and started looking around at the other mums to see if any of them had noticed.  Unfortunately for him, they were all too busy with their own children!

He’s never been too keen on swings before.  Apparently he is a little ‘bizarre’, because one of the mums said *all* kids like swings.  (Let’s not go there (*slap slap*) stupid b*tch)  So we tried the swing on Wednesday.  He enjoyed it.  A lot.  But had enough after two minutes.  Today, he LOVED it.  Smiling at anyone who walked past, looking at people to see if they noticed him (again, no) and showing me his muscles (don’t ask).

He loves listening to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (and is trying to learn the actions), Twinkle Twinkle and The Wheels on the Bus.  We sing them a lot at home and he does his own version of the actions, but during singing time he usually sits in my lap listening and observing the other children and adults.  Today, however, we were on the swing when singing time started and he indicated to me that he wanted to go and join.  He stood and watched for a few minutes.  Then I plonked him in a little chair.  He stayed.  He flapped his arms danced and did a couple of actions!  

I’m so proud of him.  I’m so pleased that playgroup has really helped develop his confidence – even if it just a little each session.

I was just tweeting with SAHDandProud two days ago and saying I was looking forward to V growing up a little, toddling off and being able to play independently.

But it’s happening right in front of my eyes and a little too quickly!

9 thoughts on “Proud Mama

  1. Oh fantastic. It can be so daunting starting anything like that but he is clearly reaping the benefits. Well done you x

  2. Oh well done V, that is brilliant. He’s developing in confidence quickly isn’t he? The Boy likes to sit and listen to music and song time but won’t take part, never has. Good on you for persevering.Can I slap the bitch?

  3. His confidence seems to be increasing all the time, I’m so pleased 🙂 Now we’re just waiting for him to talk!@TheBoyandMe – Please do slap the bitch. After me.Thanks for reading and commenting xx

  4. Ah, you have every right to be proud! They do grow up before your eyes so quickly. but its lovely and such a priveledge to be witness to itXxX

  5. Awww it’s so lovely that his confidence is growing and no wonder you feel proud of him. It is lovely that you are experiencing it with him xx

  6. You’re quite right – I should be glad I get to witness it and experience it with him! I should start looking at the positive side of everything!Thanks so much for reading and commenting. x

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