We’re Starting Playgroup!

I knew a playgroup existed – I just didn’t really know anything about it.    That is, until I came back to Lagos when V was 12 weeks old (Come to think of it, I still don’t know much about it).  I was advised to put us down on the waiting list ASAP as it was quite long.

So, when Vinay was about 16 weeks, I made contact and we were officially on the waiting list.  He was six months old when we got to the top of that list.  Unfortunately, we were travelling that week for a couple of months and wouldn’t be able to attend.  They did say we could keep our place if Hub filled out all the paperwork and registered for us.  It never happened.  And we went to the bottom of the list.

This week, I got an email from them – and we got a place!  Hooray!

Having said that, I don’t really know what happens at these playgroups.  Are there organised activities?  Will I keep him entertained?  Will there be music and singing?  Am I going to be very disappointed?

I’m nervous (for me) and excited (for Vinay).  He’ll get to play with other children, discover a new environment and, maybe, become a little less shy.

I’m also terrified.  For both of us.

Is he going to catch something and get sick (and we all know how well I don’t cope when he’s ill)? 

Will the toys be clean?

Will he be very clingy and not want to do anything?

Will his routine be all messed up since he’ll probably miss his morning nap?

What if no one talks to me?

If someone does talk to me, are they going to ask me if he’s sleeping through the night (No, he’s not.  He still wakes for TWO feeds!)? 

Will I find my way to the correct part of the building (I have no sense of direction)?

What should I wear?

What should I take? 

What if he doesn’t do his morning poo before we leave, does it there and then stinks out the place?

What if he does his poo over there and then refuses to lie still on the changing table for me to clean him up?

IS there a changing table?

Oh dear God, I’m going to drive myself crazy over the weekend, aren’t I?


15 thoughts on “We’re Starting Playgroup!

  1. It’s more worrying for you than for him. If it’s grim there, don’t go again. He will get ill, but he needs to build his immune system up. Some of the parents might make you feel like a crap mum because you do not have the perfect routine established (it doesn’t exist). On the other hand, you might meet a load of mums who are like us on twitter; knackered. Have fun!

  2. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <html><head> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"> </head>I know – you are exactly right. Have just discovered that I’ll know one or two of the others already. <br/>I’m hoping for the best! x<p>Sent from my BlackBerry?? smartphone provided by Airtel Nigeria.</p></html>

  3. LOL! You seem to be approaching this in the way I approach ANYTHING new involving other people, PANIC! If it is any comfort mine is pretty much always unfounded and if any of those things happen I would bet any money there will be a nice mummy around to help x

  4. Ha ha I would be worrying if it were me, so I wouldn’t feel worried about that! I am sure it will be fine…….just keep repeating that πŸ™‚ no, it will be. And I look forward to hearing about it. Good luck xx

  5. Thanks ladies, I just need to take a deep breath and deal with it!I’m sure you’ll be hearing *all* about how it goes :)x

  6. Don’t panic! Mums groups are for mums and chances are most will feel as anxious as you the first time. I forced myself to go to a group when Luka was little because I needed adult company. I knew nobody but I had my baby to hide behind. I figured if nobody talked to me then I would just talk to him. For the first few weeks he slept through the whole group! I decided I would pretend to be confident and now I am sure I have made friends for life. Everyone is in the same boat and all are looking for friendships- for themselves and their kids. Just take a deep breath and chat about what you know- your son. The others will do the same. You will be fine and he will love it!XxX

  7. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <html><head> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"> </head>Thank you all for your words of wisdom! I shall be reporting back to you all next week :)<br/>X<p>Sent from my BlackBerry?? smartphone provided by Airtel Nigeria.</p></html>

  8. Ur post made me laugh out loud coz its soooo true.esp the poo bit.which playgroup do you go to? Hope it was a successful day xx

    • Thank you – as it turns out I didn’t really have anything to worry about. The playgroup was at the BDHC. He loved it there, but is now at nursery πŸ™‚

      • Great.:)
        I have a 6 month old son and looking for other places to take him.we’ve tried the BDHC PG.
        Any suggestions?

      • There’s another place in Ikoyi called Paloo’s Place. I think the website is mypaloo.com. It’s quite nice – but I think they close the mum and baby group sessions during the school holidays as they run camps.

  9. Hello all πŸ™‚

    I’ve moved around 2months ago in Algarve, Lagos.

    My husband is working constantly and I really might need some adult company with my soon 8 months old baby girl.

    I would love if anyone would suggest some Baby/mom groups etc?

    All the best,
    And many Thanks !

    • Hi Liz! Hope you’ve settled in well. I am actually in Lagos, Nigeria and can’t really help you! 😦
      Wishing you all the best!

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