Yesterday as I was completing the A – Z of ME meme, I couldn’t stop laughing while recounting my most embarrassing moment.  And it made me remember something…

When my brother was about 15 (I was 19), he would come home from school every two or three weekends.  He was witness to the state my sister and I would come home in on a Saturday night!

So one weekend he was home and told us about something that had happened in one of his classes (I just asked him if he could remember which class – but he can’t).  They were reading a text and the word ‘sloshed’ came up.  The teacher asked the class if anyone knew what it meant.  According to him, everyone just looked blank and then my brother said, ‘It means being drunk.’  The teacher was impressed (apparently) and asked him how he knew.  Before he could answer, one of his friends piped up and said, ‘Because his sisters always are!’

I suppose we weren’t the best role models for him (not at that stage anyway)!

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