The Last Two Days

My goodness… I feel like I’ve not stopped!  This is the first time I’ve turned my laptop on since Thursday night.  I’ve *never* not been online for that long!

Why?  Let me tell you.

First, the painters/decorators have been here this week.  PAINTING THE HOUSE (I’m not talking about the *other* painters!).  So been busy moving furniture and other crap in and out of various rooms.  How I have accumulated so much stuff, I just don’t know.

On Thursday the tailor came to put up the new curtains in the guest room.  And the painters *just* finished in there at about 6ish that evening.  So I had to spend a couple of hours clearing out the room, making the bed, making sure the drawers and cupboards were empty, towels, in the bathroom, etc.  Why all the trouble?  My sister was arriving on Friday morning and the room had to be ready for her.

So on Friday morning, I went to the airport at 5.30am.  I left just as the flight landed.  I got there at 6am.  And she didn’t get her luggage until 7am.  Over here, you’re not allowed *in* to the actual airport, you have to wait outside – so I made myself comfortable and did a bit of people watching.  The hour passed really quickly.

We got home at about 8am, unpacked her bags.  My mum sent lots of goodies (but not a Chanel handbag or a dslr camera.  OR the turquoise stilettoes I wanted from Kurt Geiger.).  We chilled with Vinay, had breakfast, did some tidying up, showered and had lunch.  She then had a nap and I went to go and buy Petits Filous (the story of my life).  I had a nice nap when I got back, though.

In the evening, we had dinner at home and then two of our friends came over for a little while.  Was great to catch up.

I was exhausted when I went to bed, but I just couldn’t sleep.  And I couldn’t sleep because I was worrying about today.  There was a lot to do!

The lady was coming for my waxing appointment at 11am.  And the hairdresser was coming at 11.15am.  So had to work out what time to shower, wash my hair, and be ready by.  In addition, the painters were coming again to spray the furniture in the guest room (don’t ask why it wasn’t done earlier in the week).  

So, everyone arrived at the same time.  AND the generator repair men came. 

Anyway, got everything sorted and we were running on time.  And we went off to the spa for manicures and pedicures.

We came home, picked up V and then went to visit our aunt.

Are you tired yet?

We came home at 6pm.

And now we have to start getting ready for dinner!

I haven’t been this busy in a *long* time!


3 thoughts on “The Last Two Days

  1. wow my head was spinning just reading what you have been up to. Its like watching a tenis match with my head going back and forth lol x

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