Our Big Fat Indian Wedding

I had a terrible evening yesterday.  In the morning I decided I’d spend the day with Hub and V *properly* and not go online until the evening when V was asleep.  And I’d check-out all the Silent Sunday posts while Tron was on (since I had no interest in watching it).

And what happened?  Internet didn’t bloody work.  I’m using a pay-as-you-go dongle thingy – until the wireless is fixed (if ever).  Had to load the credit yesterday, which I did.  But it just wouldn’t work.  

Anyway, so I was trying every few minutes.  And in between trying, my screen-saver would come on.  And I spent those few minutes looking at photos.  Our wedding pictures (from 5 and a half years ago) kept coming up and they brought back such happy memories – so I thought I’d share some of them.

So, first of all – an Indian wedding usually lasts about three days.  Ours lasted five days (don’t ask).  I’ll just tell you that there was heavy drinking throughout.  It was the only way to make it through!

I won’t explain what’s happening or who everyone is, as it will just take too long!


So those were all the professional photos – below are my favourites (taken by various friends)





7 thoughts on “Our Big Fat Indian Wedding

  1. Love the pictures you look so happy in all of them, all of your outfits are so beautiful. And five days wow, one day of a wedding can be stressful enough but looking at your pictures it would seem for you that you enjoyed every moment!

  2. Wow! Fantastic pictures. It must’ve been an epic event and one which from the pictures you had loads of fun on. I bet you really needed a honeymoon after that to relax and rest! 😀

  3. Wow! 5 days is one hell of a wedding celebration! The photos are wonderful – the colourful outfits really make the day more vibrant and fun! Nit that I have attended an Indian wedding, only seen them portrayed on TV or in films, but they jyst look lots of fun and a chance to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. You look beautiful xx

  4. Thank you, all of you, for your comments. I wish I could do it all again (with the same man) ;)Yes – after those 5 days we really needed a rest.Thanks for all your compliments – it helps when your hair and make-up have been done for you. And that you’re young. And slim. :'(@TheBoyandMe – Yes – that’s my sister!

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