11 thoughts on “Silent Sunday #12

  1. Nosey Parker!! Little ones love cupboards don’t they? Did he find what he was searching for? Xx

  2. First of all: how many nappies and shoes?! Cor blimey missus. Love the action shot, once they start moving get ready for chaos!

  3. Hahaha, this made me giggle. Firstly at this little slice of mischief. Secondly at the amount of nappies you have stocked up (very organised!). And thirdly at the way all those shoes have been strewn all over the floor. What a really lovely mess! x

  4. My boy has a love for shoes. Just like his mama! I don’t know why – but he gets the cupboard door open and then just empties all the shoes out of the basket 🙂 He does occasionally put one or two in his mouth – just to check if they’re the ones he’s looking for!Re the nappies – Yes, I’m organised! I buy in bulk and bring them over by the suitcase. It’s cheaper to pay for the excess luggage than buy them here! And if I have any leftovers (like all the size 2s in the cupboard), I sell them!Thank you all so much for your comments and sorry I couldn’t respond sooner! x

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