Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me

How exciting!  This is the first time I’ve been tagged to do one of these 🙂  Thank you The Boy and Me!

Hmmm… Ok – here are they are.  Ten things you don’t know about me…

1.  I went to an American school until I was 11 years old.  I was offered a job there recently, but turned it down.

2.  I got a tattoo of a butterfly the week before my 18th birthday.  It’s on my ankle.  I also got a tattoo for my 20th, 22nd and 25th birthdays!  They’re small.  Kind of.  Ok, two of them are small.

3.  Two months after getting the butterfly tattoo I got heptatis and glandular fever.  I missed two months of school leading up to A levels.  But I still went back to the same place to get my second tattoo.  Stupidity, I know.  High St Ken Indoor Market (in case you were wondering).

4.  I went to an all-girls boarding school in Kent from when I was 11 until A levels.

5.  I got so drunk on tequila at my 18th birthday party, I fell over in the middle of the street.  I don’t drink tequila anymore.  Ever!  

6.  Hub and I live in the same house that I grew up in.  When my parents left Lagos, there was still a year left on their lease, so we took it over.  My old bedroom is now Vinay’s room 🙂

7.  I cry each time I watch programmes like Oprah or Ellen when people in the audience get gifts/surprises.  It’s because they’re so happy or surprised!  Did anyone see the Oprah when a huge Stevie Wonder fan was singing ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ to the audience and all of a sudden Stevie Wonder appeared behind him and joined in?  I bawled like a baby.

8.  As a child, when we went out, my parents and sister used to hide from me (as a joke).  It obviously upset me a lot.  They still think it’s funny.  I still Hate them for it.

9.  My favourite restaurant is a Korean restaurant in London.  It’s called Arirang.  It’s on Poland Street.  If you ever go – order the barbeque bacon.  OMG *wipes away drool*

10.  I know everyone thinks Brad Pitt is tasty…  But I don’t.  I much prefer George Clooney!

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5 thoughts on “Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. *pssst* I prefer George Clooney too… egad! Now I have to think of 10 things! Thanks for the tag, I’ll do it asap 🙂 x x x

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  3. I befriended a girl on holiday in Malta when I was nine. She was with her grandmother, who thought it was funny to hide from her. I was horrified, as my biggest fear was being abandoned.It was never a big deal to those doing it, as they didn’t feel the heart-stopping moment of being left alone.If that fear stayed with you, it doesn’t matter if it happened once, or more than once.You were a child. And I’d never pull that kind of thing on my children.I don’t get my kicks out of frightening them.

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