I’m ‘Thinking Slimmer’ – The Next 21 Days

After posting I’m ‘Thinking Slimmer’ – The First 21 Days and being a little disappointed by the results, I feel nervous and impatient about whether the next 21 days will be better…  I lost only 1 kilo.  I know – I’ve read it several times – it takes longer for some people than others.  I guess I’m one of those!

During my pregnancy I put on a *lot* of weight.  About 20 kilos.  44 lbs.  3 stone 2 lb.  The maternity jeans I bought when I was 4 months pregnant, didn’t fit by the time I was 8 months pregnant.  And while I was pregnant, I was quite happy to be fat!  The picture below was taken at my baby shower.  I was six and a half months pregnant then.


When Vinay was born at only 2.5 kilos, Hub asked, ‘If he’s only 2.5 kilos, how did you put on so much weight?’ Or something along those lines.  I cried.  But that didn’t stop me eating whatever I wanted or drinking Coke every day (usually during the day when he was at work and wouldn’t find out).

Once Vindoo turned seven months, I decided that enough was enough.  I had to at least start trying to lose the baby weight.  When I looked in the mirror, all I saw was a fat face, fat arms, big, huge thighs and a belly with an over-hang because of the c-section.  Looking at photos was worse – because it was proof that what I see is what other people also see.  The photo below was taken when Vindoo was six and a half months old.  I know – I look like I’m having twins.  And the problem is, Vindoo’s turning ten months in three days, and I don’t think I look any different to the below photo!  I *need* to fit back into my size 12 clothes.  I *want* my face to not look like a Mr. Potato-Head.


Although my Slimpod hasn’t (so far) worked as fast as I’d like, I have noticed changes in the last 21 days.  Some of these are:

* I work out 4 times a week (usually).  And if for any reason I can’t make it to my class, I try and do something at home.  Or I just feel guilty about not doing anything.

* I haven’t had a Coke.  And… I don’t really want one *just realised this is true and jaw has hit desk*.

* I’ve cut down on the amount of sweets/chocolates/cake I normally eat.

* I feel better about myself (until I see pre-pregnancy photos)

So, here’s the next 21 days…

Day 22 – Day 27

I only did two aerobics classes during these days – but they were hard work!  I mostly had light lunches, and didn’t snack much.  On the Friday (Day 25) I had to go out for lunch.  I was very surprised at myself – I had a Soda water (when the person opposite me had a Coke I thought I would want one, but didn’t).  I had about 3 French fries (unheard of).  I didn’t have the ice cream (although I had some apple crumble).  And the cup cake… I saved it for Hub and then had 2 bites.  On Day 26 we went to a friend’s house for dinner – and the food there is always delicious… But I did not have double-helpings of anything.  And I had a little dessert – not half as much as I would normally eat!

I weighed myself on Day 27.  Since Day 1, I have lost 3.5lbs.  Surely it should be disappearing faster than this??

Day 28 – Day 34

No workout this week – Pilates teacher is on holiday and aerobics teacher was having surgery on her toe.  She’s not taking classes for two weeks.  And I’ve not felt motivated enough to do any working-out at home!  I’ve not been doing too badly, I don’t think.  Still no Coke this week.  I didn’t snack between meals until Day 32 when I had a bag of salted popcorn.  I felt guilty – but it was just so good!  This has not been a good week at all.  I have already told myself that I will start the whole process over again when I finish Day 42!

I weighed myself on Day 34.  I haven’t lost any weight.  But I guess it’s good that I’ve not put any on?

Day 35 – 42

I’ve done really well this week.  I haven’t worked out, but I’ve not had *any* chocolate (apart from two bites of cake on mil’s birthday).  And Hub and I decided to have a potato-free week.  And it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  It’s actually been really easy!  I’m so proud of myself!  Sunday was a little difficult – it always is.  I had ice cream 😦  But I’m still proud of myself.

I weighed myself on Day 40.  In total, I’ve lost 4.4lbs.

Can this be correct?  How is this possible?  All I see on Twitter is stories of weight melting off people.  My eating habits have definitely changed – and I’m pleased about that, but shouldn’t I have lost more weight?  It has been 42 days!

I will continue on my quest to lose the baby weight, and I will continue with Thinking Slimmer…  

I WILL WIN!  It will just be harder than I thought…


3 thoughts on “I’m ‘Thinking Slimmer’ – The Next 21 Days

  1. Do you think maybe you’re gaining muscle rather than just losing fat? You can come to zumba when you’re here 🙂

  2. I dunno? No – I will not come to Zumba – I’m only there for 6 days! But might buy Zumba dvd?

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