The Gallery – Grandparents


This is my maternal grandmother. She will be 81 this year.  She is the most elegant, graceful woman I know and never has a bad thing to say about anyone.  When we go to Bombay, she feeds us like we’ve never eaten before – and the food is always delicious.  She knows how to text.  She learnt how to use a computer and send emails and even has a FaceBook account!  She is a little forgetful though, and still needs help sometimes.  And just recently, all her grandchildren bought her a BlackBerry so we can message and send her pictures.  And she’s got to grips with it quite well!  She does her accounts every morning without a calculator.  I asked her why – she said she needs to keep her brain ticking!

I took Vindoo to meet her this year – when he was six months old.  Her first great-grandchild!  

The picture below was taken in March when we were in Bombay (my mum organised a party to introduce Vindoo to everyone).  

Four Generations!


One thought on “The Gallery – Grandparents

  1. Lovely post and how wonderful to introduce a great grandchild to somebody specialMy Dad is 83 and getting very ICT savvy too

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