Listography: 5 Things I Want To Do This Summer

I can’t believe it’s Summer already…  It really doesn’t feel like it – mostly because I don’t usually spend my summers in Lagos (oh London, how I miss you).  I suppose it’s a good time to start checking things off my list of things I want to do over the next two months…

1. Organise Vindoo’s First Birthday Party

The thought of his birthday party is really making me nervous.  The first birthday is a pretty big deal, and I’ve been told come to understand that it is NOT just about the birthday boy – but about his parents and grandparents also.  I have, so far, got the decorations: banners, balloons, candles, tableware and printed the invitations.  So – what’s there to worry about?


* Invitations are printed already – with our home address – because I plan on having the party in our garden.  September is, however, still rainy season and I’m taking a pretty big risk.  I may just move all our furniture out and have the party indoors.

* Since I now know that the party is not just about (God forbid) the birthday baby, I have about 30 kids on my list so far and the age range of children that will be attending is 6 months – 9 years.  How to keep everyone entertained?

* Gift bags!  We went to a first birthday party a few weeks ago where Vindoo got a huge Finding Nemo beach towel, Go Fish card game, a Cars alarm clock, a Toy Story CD and a whole bunch of chocolates and sweets.  Organising this is a little more difficult since I’m in Lagos.  I have ordered half the gift bags and am looking into the second half.

2. Continue to Try and Lose Weight

Seriously?  What does one have to do to shift the weight?  I’m working out, watching what I eat, using a Slimpod and will soon be using Hotpants.  Come ON!  What’s taking so long?


3. Get the House Organised

There are many little things that need to be done at home.  Stupid things like buying light bulbs, light fittings and taps.  I need to get the store-room cleaned and organised as well.  Hub keeps on at me about it.  In the past (before baby), I was leaving for school at 6.20am and not getting back until 4pm.  I was too tired to do things like that.  Now I’m home all the time and have help for Vindoo – I have no excuse!

4. Plan a Holiday

We haven’t had a holiday since we went to Vegas for Christmas and New Year 2009-2010.  I’ve been to London and India – but those don’t count!  I’m thinking Bali or Zanzibar or somewhere like that…  We don’t have to *go* this summer, but I’d like to plan it and book it – just so Hub can’t back out!  Then we need to decide what to do with Vindoo… Should we take him?  Or leave him with his grandparents?  And if we leave him with grandparents, which set do we leave him with? (Am stressing already – might be easier to NOT have a holiday!)


5. Decide What I Want To Do With My Life

I know I don’t want to go back to school yet.  The thought of having to wake up at 5.30am and go and come back at 4pm is just too much to bear.  BUT I miss the independence that working brings.  So what should I do?  Tutor at home?  Start my own Pampers selling business?  Work for Hub (not really)?  Actually, I’m happy just being at home for now…

Wish me luck – I’ll need it!

2 thoughts on “Listography: 5 Things I Want To Do This Summer

  1. Number 5 is a pretty big ask, eh? It sounds like that question alone will keep you occupied all summer long. Thanks very much for taking part this week. It’s most appreciated.

  2. Number 5 is pretty big… But at least there’s no time-frame. Unlike Number 1 *faints*!

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