This Week I’m Grateful For… Rolo

My dog, Rolo, will be seven years old in September.  I remember going to see him and the rest of the litter just a few days after they were born – and choosing him out of all eight of them.  I remember going to pick him up six weeks later, and I remember spending hours trying to decide on what to call him.  The picture below was taken the day after he came home.


As a puppy he had a *lot* of energy.  He chewed all our shoes and a whole bunch of wires.  He made a mess everywhere.


As an adult dog, he still has a lot of energy, he is spoilt rotten, high maintenance and he barks at everyone he sees from the balcony.  He sleeps on my bed and moves around all night – making it impossible for *us* to get comfortable!  He is *very* friendly, loves it when visitors come over and always begs for food.


Although he annoys us… I couldn’t do without him.  I am so grateful for the happiness he shows when we come home (even if we’ve been out for five minutes), the love he has for us and I’m very grateful that he has taken the new addition to our family in his stride (I was very worried).  I am so grateful that he allows his tail to be pulled, his head to be patted (sometimes too hard) and his paws to be run over by Vindoo’s walker without getting (too) irritated!

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