This Week I’m Grateful For… My Friends

There are things that I am grateful for every single day.  Family, health, food, my baby, etc.  But this week I am very grateful for my friends.

I know lots of people.  I see lots of people.  But I don’t think all of them are actual *friends*.


* We don’t always look like this.  I think it was ‘dress like a crazy person’ at school.

I don’t always see them, and I’m not always in touch with them for many reasons (one of them being that I’m addicted to Twitter.  BAD Twitter!).  We’re all busy with our own lives and I know that I should make more effort to see them and I’m going to try to do that 🙂

I know they’re my friends because:

* They ask me how I am out of the blue.

* They lend me maternity clothes when I don’t have any.

* They put Coke in their fridges when they know I’m coming over.

* They bring cupcakes over and surprise me.

* They come and stay with you when you are seven months pregnant and alone.

*They ask how Vindoo is after his shots.

There are many more things I could add to this short list!

Thank you friends. X



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