Goodness He Gets SO Excited!

It wasn’t too long ago when I discovered that Vindoo absolutely *loves* looking in his wardrobe.  He likes to be carried while the doors are opened.  He kicks his legs, sometimes squeals with delight, might stick a hand in his mouth or bite my shoulder and he always beams from ear to ear.  His excitement grows when you touch the clothes inside and say things like, ‘Wow!  Look at all the t-shirts!’  or ‘Vindoo!  Look how many shorts you have!’  And then he liked to touch his clothes too – almost as if he was deciding on what to wear.

Before, this used to calm him down if he was crying about anything.  Open the wardrobe, and he would smile.  Guaranteed.

But now, it’s different…  Now he cries if you close the doors!  I couldn’t just stand there for hours on end looking into his wardrobe.  What could we do?  Next we noticed he *didn’t* cry if you took something for him to wear out of the wardrobe.  Very strange baby, indeed.

It’s usually pretty hot here during the day.  Sometimes with no electricity, therefore no airconditioning.  So Vindoo’s usually in just a vest/bodysuit during the day.  All his ‘going-out’ clothes are in his cupboard! 

Realisation dawned…  If I take something out of the wardrobe, he knows we’re going out!

Such a clever baby!


NB: I tried *very* hard to get it on video.  But he was more interested in the camera – so gave up!


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