What Would You Wish For if You Had Three Wishes?

Has anyone ever watched the American legal-comedy Drop Dead Diva?  It’s about Jane – an overweight woman whose body is inhabited by the soul of a fashion model.  And she has a guardian angel called Fred (Thank you Google).


I don’t watch it.  I quite like crap TV shows, but have never been able to bring myself to watch this one! 

The reason I bring it up is that, although I don’t watch it, there is one little clip in the ad that makes me laugh every time (and they show this ad a LOT).  It goes something like this:

Jane says to Fred: Make me skinny and hot.

To which he replies: I’m an angel not a wizard!

Funny right?  Well, I thought so.

Anywaaaaay…  I started thinking about what three things *I* would wish/ask for if I had a wizard or genie.

My first two wishes were easy.

1. I wish for health, wealth and happiness for my family (I know, it sounds like three different wishes – but actually they all go hand-in-hand).

2. I wish for peace.  World peace and inner peace (for everyone).

The third wish was really difficult to think about…  My first two wishes really mean that my life (and the family’s lives) would be perfect.  So what should I wish for? 

Then suddenly I knew…

3. I wish to be skinny and hot.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

What would you wish for?

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