So? Boys Can Do Ballet If They Want!

All the children were sitting on the carpet chatting and waiting for me to come and take the register.  It wasn’t 7.30am just yet – so I was enjoying my last two or three minutes of quiet time when suddenly the class errupted into squeals and giggles.

I went to the carpet and asked them what was so funny.  They replied with shrieks of, ‘Mrs Dadlani! Kevin wants to do ballet!’  I glanced at Kevin, he was looking a little embarassed.

I said to the children, ‘So?  What’s wrong with that?  Boys can do ballet if they want.  Just remember that *all* of you can do ANYTHING you want to do.  You can all be doctors or nurses (yes, even the boys) or vets or popstars!’

Kevin was feeling much more confident about his wish to do ballet and said, ‘I like the skirt.  I want to wear the skirt.  And then I want to jump up, twirl around and land like a cupcake.’

It was suddenly time to do the register!


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