Children Say the Funniest Things

I am *howling* with laughter! I just found (on my laptop) a kind of log that i kept during my first year teaching in Lagos (after teaching in London for 4 years). It’s just about the funny things my kids in class said- and I just have to share some of them!

The children were 5-6 years old then (and me in my mid-twenties).
So here’s the first one: 

I took in some games and puzzles for the kids to play with during playtimes. They belonged to me  when i was little and to my sister before that. I showed them to the children and asked them to please be careful as they were mine, etc. One of the boys said, ‘They must be really old!’ I just smiled and said nothing. 

amongst the games there were two wooden puzzles that came without boxes. The same boy asked where the boxes were. I told him they didnt have boxes. He (darling boy that he is/was) said, ‘I guess they didnt make boxes in the olden days…’

I didnt know what to say! There was plenty I wanted to say though! 

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